Question FPS Crash after 10 min pc boot

May 29, 2020
Hi have an issue since about 2 month i have big Fps crash after 10 or 11 minute after i launched my pc, i am playing paladin.
I have gtx 1060 and a fx 8350 which have alowede me in the past to reach a constante 144 fps lock but now after about 10 min i drop to 60-70 and i don't know why.
I have checked my cpu and gpu temps they are both under 40 degrees and my usage percentage are about 60 for my cpu and 20 for my gup i have monitor it when playing and i haven't seen any spike or drop in the task manager and nothing is at 100% usage so i don't know what to do know,
Every time i restart my pc i get back my 144 fps and then a big drop after 10 min in the game, restarting the game donsen't fix the problem
I have contacted the support of paladin i don't know what to do more with no respond.
I have also update my driver
If anybody have a suggestion i would like to know it.
I apologise in advence for my english, it's not my first language
May 28, 2020
It may be the temperature of the VRM on your motherboard, I am telling you why these FX have some problems with the VRM and it may be because of that, but if you have the CPU and GPU at those temperatures,
I really don't think it's due to VRMs temperatures. If the temperatures are good, try disabling some power saving BIOS settings like "Cool & Quiet", "AMD Turbo Core". One last question, is your CPU or GPU overclocked?

Use HWINFO to view VRM temperatures
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May 29, 2020
well i checked my VRM temps and is it all under 40 degrees
My gpu and cpu are not overclocked
i did take a look in the BIOS and did not saw any power saving option that was enable.
Here are some more infomartion that might help you the fps crash started around (maybe a bit before or after could not tell) the time that i switched from a hdd boot to a ssd boot i have kept the hdd in my pc . I also did notice that Paladin is conssuming a lot of power, in task manager it register as realy high don' know if it is normal or not.

Tanks for trying to help me