Question FPS doesnt change when changing graphic settings in Modern Warfare

Feb 12, 2023
CPU: i7-9700
GPU: RTX 3060
RAM: 32 GB 2666MHZ DDR4 Dual Channel
Monitor: 144HZ Viewsonic Monitor
Game Drive: SN550 WD Blue NVME

When i try to pIay Modern Warfare 2019, the FPS dance between a very low 67 FPS to a maximum 130 FPS. These sudden changes are very annoying, since the game start feeling choppy, with various stutters. Its very unstable.
I ve read many posts before and everyone were saying it could be my CPU bottlenecking my CPU. But here is the thing: I m aware my CPU aint the best currently, but I ve managed to get over 144+ FPS (usually 150 to 180 on MW 2019) by tweaking some changes.
Recently, since EasyAntiCheat denied access to user to change the cpu affinity and priority, my FPS got down to my current situation. Because of that, I decided to install Process Lasso. I set my CPU affinity to only use 5 cores for MW2019 process, and the game cranked up back to what it used to be at its finest.
Then, yesterday, I decided to uninstall Process Lasso, because for some reason, BattleEye on Siege banned me for cheating, when I never installed any cheat programs before, so my thoughts were directly focused on Lasso.
Thing is, now that I uninstalled it, the game went back to its old ways, and now I get stuttering and an overall bad experience.
So what did I do next? Install Process Lasso again and do the same thing. Problem is: now it doesnt do anything.
I decided to throw my settings to the lowest: Nothing. The game has the same amount of FPS. I decided to up my settings to the max: Nothing. Same amount of FPS.
Now regardless of what I do, booting game in Safe Mode, changing display and graphic settings, all I got is a choppy low performance game.

Any ideas?