Question FPS drop after installing 980 M.2 SSD ?

Chris David

Dec 11, 2013

I just upgraded to a M.2 SSD Drive, the 980 from a 870 EVO. Used Samsung's Data Migration tool to get Windows from 870 to the 980. Moved games from Steam Library on other drives to the 980.

Had to enable PCIe Mode and x4 instead of x2 on the BIOS for the drive to get full speed, lost 5 and 6 SATA ports. SSD is logged to the top slot.

8700K, 1650 Super, 16 Gigs of RAM. There's about 2 SATA SSDs, 1 2TB Seagate and another 4TB Seagate.

Performance in games was fine until I made the move to the 980, on a game I average about 99 FPS with 110 being almost constant, It dropped down to 56-66 Average and 70 at max with stutters and drops. I haven't made any change to my computer aside from the 980 switch and the Windows migration, what is the problem here ?

980 Temps are fine I guess ? Drive Temperature 1 is about 36-38C and the Drive Temperature 2 is about 50-54C, so its not throttling to cause performance degradation.

EDIT:- Solved, just fixed itself out of nowhere after multiple restarts.
EDIT:- Problem came back after a few hours, reinstalled Windows, nothing is helping.
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