Question FPS Drop/Stutter

Jun 1, 2020
Hello! I have been playing Valorant for about a year now and I have come upon a issue. Previously, I had problems with fps stutter because my CPU frequency would go from 4k to 200 in a matter of seconds and back up. this was painfully annoying, but one of the members of this forum said to lock my cpu cores therefore I did. I locked my CPU core to 3.8 ghz and my fps was as stable as it could be.

However, I played one day and my fps got horribly worse. Usually, I would get 160 fps consistently, but I hopped on and I couldn't get above 60+ fps. My game was so bad, it was unplayable.

I decided to let my CPU go back to auto and it would achieve 300 + fps but the fps stutters are also unplayable.

Does anyone know a fix to why my CPU core locked at 3.8 ghz stopped producing the same effects it usually did before. The day before I'd be achieving a good 160+ and now I can't get 60+. I cannot go back to the fps stutters for 300+ fps because that was also unplayable. Temperatures are still good!

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
GPU: Gtx 1060 6gb
Motherboard: ASROCK AB350M Pro4
Ram: 16gb DDR4 2400hz
CPU Temp: Betwen 60 and 66
GPU Temp: Between 65 and 70
HDD: 1.73 tb free of 1.81tb
SDD: 53 gb free of 111gb
Power Supply: Evga 600 watt 80 plus bronze
Mar 11, 2021
Check your thermals. Download an app like HWMonitor or something similar. It's also possible your CPU could have broken. In that case, a new CPU may be required.