Question FPS drop/Stuttering suddenly while playing PUBG/CS GO


Jun 23, 2019
Hello,can someone help me
Whenever I play games (Pubg and CS : GO) i had encountered sudden stuttering or lag something like that,but it only occur for like 5 second,then it will stop and will come again. This process will repeat through out the game i played. BUT before this,my laptop can handle this games(Pubg,csgo) i played without a problem. I dont notice any problems with temperature. Can someone tell me what just happen. I think this problem occur after I updated the nvidia geforce experience program.
I can play cs go on high setting before,but now,even on lowest setting the problem still occur.

Specs :
Laptop (HP pavilion gaming)
Win 10
I5 6300hq
Gtx 950m 4gb ddr3 vram
12gb ram
(I installed the Pubg on my ssd and the CS:go on my hdd)

Thank you.
Remove all Nvidia drivers, do a clean install of Nvidia drivers. Do not download or use GeForce experience to set your settings. It uses excessive memory and is not always using the best settings for your set up. Set your Nvidia settings manually and in game settings manually. See if it helps. When you go to install the drivers click on the Nvidia drivers, not the drivers and Geforce experience. When you get to the install screen click on custom box. When you get to the custom install screen click on the boxes of the drivers you need then install them.