[SOLVED] Fps Dropping And Stuttering issue in All Games

Mar 7, 2019
Hello there....

@Guys,I have just bought RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ 4gb a week ago....But performance in games is terrible.Gpu Usage is so much unstable and keeps dropping to 0%
Gpu and CPU Temperatue is normal...Its not just the issue with this game.I'm having the same problem in other games like dying light.
My specs are
Windows 10 64-bit
System Model=H61H2-M2
Core i5 3570 3.4 Ghz
RX 580 Sapphire Nitro+ 4gb
8GB RAM DDR3 1600Mhz
600 watt 80 plus Power Supply
Not using any Cooler Master
Radeon Drivers Are Update to date.

And one more thing,is it normal to pair 3570 with this gpu.....how much FPS can i get in games at the most at Very high settings....

Here is the gameplay of Vampyr at low settings

As u can see the Gpu usage dropping to 0.

Now this is the gameplay at Very high settings.

There is not so much difference in fps...I have already set Power Management to High Peformance.But my Gpu power limit is set to 0% by default..
Is there any need to change this power limit...
Kindly,Help me by explaining in detail as i'm a Newbie :)
If u have any questions tell me so...
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There are a couple of thing at play here.

CPU is sufficient for most games, but in demanding games like BF V your CPU will max out, this can cause stuttering. You also only have 8gbs of ram. At 1080p system ram usage in some games goes above 8gbs and often gets nearer 10gbs. So when your ram mazes out it uses the swap/page file. This can also cause stuttering. Finally, your GPU has 4gb of vram. For most games at 1080p this is just fine. But again there are examples of games that will use the full 4gbs and this can cause stuttering as well.

Make sure you have latest GPU drivers, system drivers, and it's worth updating the bios too, just to be sure.

Run HWMon and take a screenshot of your system at idle and at load (gaming), post the screenies here, and we can look at whats going on with your hardware.
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Okay, so another thing that could be impacting is it looks as if you have a balanced windows power profile. Change it to high performance and test again. It could very well be that, as you CPU is switching frequency under different loads.

Al the screenshots look as they should to me. CPU temps/voltage/usage/speed all look as they should.
Hmmm, thats seems odd. Your CPU is downclocking, so that implies to me it's on a different profile. Did you amend the high performance profile by chance? you could try turning of enhanced speedstep tech in the bios. This might help.

Is windows up to date? Update GPU/system drivers ?