Question FPS dropping when Alt+Tabbing

Apr 17, 2021
I built my new PC 1 month ago and I was very excited to dive into my favorite games without the lag I was having with my previous build. Soon after playing a couple of games I found out that every time I Alt+Tab out of the game (I have tried it on League of Legends and Farming Simulator only for now) and then come back to it my fps drastically drops almost like the game is running as a background app and the PC isn't acknowledging that that's the Tab that I am using in the current moment. I tried to update my GPU drivers but it does not seem to work, the only thing that fixes is to change window mode to Borderless and then back to Full Screen but if I Alt+Tab again I have to do it all over and that happens every time. I don't know what to do at this point and I would love it if someone here could give me a fix for this problem.
My setup:
Ryzen 5 5600x
GTX 1050 Ti
RAM 32GB 3200mHz
MSI B550-A Pro
PSU EVGA 750W Bronze
Samsung EVO 970 500GB
HDD Barracuda 8TB