Question FPS Drops After Restart Need Help

Sep 12, 2020
Hello all. I have been fallowing the forum for a long time but i just felt the necessity to make an account and post my thread so here it goes.

Im having this odd problem where my fps drops significantly after i restart/shut down my pc. Sometimes happens even when i dont reset- just when idling. How i get it to function normally is use ddu to wipe out drivers, reboot and install drivers and shut down the pc again for about 12 hours. I know exactly how to “fix” it because its been so long that i experimented enough to know the temporary solution. I’ve been having this issue for almost a year now and i tried everything to fix it but to no avail. For all this time i thought my graphics card was faulty but just recently i swapped my 1080ti with brand new 2080 and problem still persists. I also wiped my os and went from windows 10 to windows 7 just today thinking that might fix it.. but nope. I also want to mention that i used Superposition benchmark and there is a clear difference between two states of my pc. When everything works fine my gpu score is 9400 at 4K optimized and when it doesnt function correctly i get 9100. And there is about 40fps difference in the game i play (hunt showdown). I’ve exhausted all my options so i wanted to ask you guys for guidance. I’ll include my specs and what i tried so far to fix it.

My system:
Rtx 2080
16gb ddr4 dom plat
3 x Wd40 M.2 ssd
Windows 7 os

What i tried so far:
1)DDU wipe/install drivers
2)Monitor my parts: gpu runs at 1950mhz core 8000mhz memory and cpu at 4800mhz. Utilization is no issue. No drops no critical temps
3)Try different pcie slot
4)Reinstall windows multiple times- thinking it may be corrupted
5)New gpu