Question FPS drops and micro stutters in games

Mar 27, 2022
Hello, as the title states I am having micro stutters and huge frame drops in game. I've been chasing this issue for months now. So any advice is appreciated.

10600K @ stock speeds
Asrock Z490 Pro 4
32GB Corsair Vengeance @3600Mhz
Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 850W
980 Pro 1TB M.2

The issue is worse in some games than others. Borderlands 3 and BF 2042 are basically unplayable with 20-40 FPS drops every few seconds where it feels like the system has completely locked up for a split second. Where most other games I only notice it periodically, or not at all. I believe this issue came up when I switched to the 6800XT from a 1080 TI. I don't have any reason to believe my new card is bad, but maybe exposed an issue I already had. Because the speeds and temps are completely normal compared to videos and posts I've seen. I don't see any throttling on the CPU when playing a game.

I've tried:
-Resetting Bios to default settings and updated
-Clean install of windows 10
-New power supply
-New RAM

I'm thinking of maybe getting a new motherboard because it seems the Asrock is the worst reviewed mid range 490 model of that year. I want to get a new cpu/mobo combo anyways and those are the only things I haven't changed. But that will have to wait a month or two.

Any help is greatly appreciated in the meantime. Thanks
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