[SOLVED] FPS drops and stuttering

Aug 6, 2019
I've been encountering some very bad FPS drops in several games now. I have stable fps most of the time but sometimes it goes from 150 to 30 for 1-2 seconds and I don't have any idea what pc component is responsible for that.

My specs:
GPU: Asus rtx 2060 oc 6GB
CPU: Intel core i7-4790 3,60 GHz
RAM: Some random 8GB (don't know the speed)
60 hz Monitor
Old motherboard (idk the name or anything xd)

I used to think it was my GPU so I upgraded to a rtx 2060 oc but that did not really help. I always close most of the background stuff so the only things runnning is the game and discord. The GPU is overclocked at low numbers cause if I overclock it higher and play a game it will crash after a few minutes. I am running my games at the lowest graphics settings possible but with 100 % 3D resolution. I also optimized the GPU settings in the nvidia control panel for the best performance.
Quite possibly the RAM; 8GB is low by modern standards, and you could be running into issues where the RAM is filling up and data needs to be copied to/from your hard drive, which would cause what you describe. CPU is also a bit on the old side, but I don't think it would be responsible for hitches like you describe (though it's possible).