Question FPS drops gradually in all games the longer I play ?

Nov 19, 2021
Hello all, I'm hoping you guys can help a fellow gamer out.

First of all, I bought a new pc recently (1 month ago), here are the specs:

•Antec EW 750W Gold Pro Modular Power Supply
•Core i9-11900K (3.5GHz, 16MB Cache, 8x Cores, 5.3GHz Turbo)
•Gamdias Chione M2-240R AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
•ASUS PRIME Z590-P Intel ATX Motherboard
•32GB DDR4 3600Mhz G.skill Ripjaws RAM
•512GB Klev NVME SSD 2000MB/s+ Speed
•240GB C100 SSD

SO whenever I play games, any game, I can only play for like an hour or so, sometimes less, before my frames start dropping. I get for example 120FPS in Forza Horizon 5 on Extreme settings to start with but the longer play the more the frames drop. After about 30mins to an hour I'm sitting with a game on 20% GPU usage and 30FPS and eventually the game just crashes. If i restart the game when the frames start dropping, it is fine again for about an hour, but restarting the game every 40mins is quite frustrating.
I have sent the pc back to the seller and they replaced the GPU and Motherboard for me, but the issue still persists.

I have also tried all of the following "fixes" I found online:

•Formatted my pc a few times to both Windows 10 and Windows 11
•Running games and Windows off the same SSD & running them off separate SSD's
•XMP off(2666MHz); XMP 3200; XMP 3600
•Overclock CPU to 5.1GHz all-core boost instead of 4.7GHz
•Monitored all my temps while playing (CPU; GPU; VRM; MB; SSD) nothing is above 75c
•Making the paging file larger/ setting it to system managed/ turning it off completely
•Overclocked GPU
•Set GPU to performance and to silent mode with physical switch on GPU
•Updated BIOS
•Reset CMOS
•Unplugged my front USB ports from MB + unplugged all USB extenders & hubs
•Reseated GPU & RAM
•Made sure I have all the latest drivers for all my hardware
•Tried the previous version GPU driver
•Uninstalled GPU driver with DDU & manually install new driver without GeForce
•Turned off Discord, Steam & Game Bar overlay
•Disabled Game mode & Game capturing
•Changed power plan to maximum performance
•Set NVIDIA 3D settings in Global & Program to V-sync On and Off
•Set NVIDIA 3D settings in Global & Program to Max performance
•Tried with G-sync on and off
•Did a defrag on both SSD's
•Did sfc /scannow as well as DISM repair and Scan for HDD errors with chkdsk
•Scanned for bad sectors on both SSD's
•Confirmed the SSD's are at the correct speeds
•Uses Microsoft memory diagnostic tool
•Reinstalled & repaired all games
•Disabled all non-Windows processes & services
•Plugging my PC into the wall socket directly instead of in a surge protected plug

That is everything I've tried so far with no avail. All the games I'm playing are having this issue so I've ruled out that it might be game-specific.
The games include (DOTA 2, Battlefield 2042, COD: Warzone, Grounded, Forza H5).
It's really frustrating and would really like to game without issues :(
I hope someone has had this issue before and have a solution, because i don't know what to do anymore.
run hwinfo sensors-only
on hwinfo page, click on + button to start logging, windows will popup where you type name of that log file and select where it gets stored
minimize hwinfo, play some game and once it gets into crawl mode, stop logging in hwinfo and upload that csv file and post link to where you uploaded it