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FPS drops in all games (Good PC)

Oct 29, 2018
Hello, at some point all of my games are running really bad. I have never before had this problem and it started randomly.

What I've done:

Updated my drivers
Resetted my Windows
Uninstalled unneccesary programs
Ran a virus scan
Tried with and without overclocking

There are so much things I've tried yet nothing works, also the weirdest thing is that it literally never has happened before. It has been fine for 2 years now.


Team Fortress 2 (with an fps config that has all settings on low) - FPS Min. - 46 Max. - 200
FPS drops every 10-15 seconds.

Fortnite (all low graphics) - FPS Min. - 56 Max. - 226
Once again, the fps drops but not that often so Fortnite is kinda playable.

Minecraft - Used to run this game on 1000+ FPS and now I am here at 200-400.

And here are the specs: (not sure about everything)


CPU: i5-4570 3.20GHz

MOBO: Asus B85M-G

RAM: 16GB DDR4 something

Any help would be highly appreciated!

EDIT: For an example when I open a program the CPU temp goes to 30 degrees celsius and immediately drops back down to normal. Also I do not believe my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU.


May 24, 2016
Not sure why you'd think there's even an issue with Minecraft if you're running 200+fps. You have a monitor that has a faster refresh then that? Minecraft only utilizes 1 core. I doubt you were hitting 1000+fps on minecraft considering I'v seen people post they were hitting 350fps running an i7-8700k.

As for the other games, if you're dropping things down to lowest settings, you're pulling extra workload off the GPU and more so letting it rest on the CPU. Put your settings up to high, let the GPU do the work it should be doing.

If you're using an i5-4570, how are you overclocking it? Not sure it would even be possible without a "K" model CPU, let alone on your B85M chipset. I thought they pretty much didn't do overclocking....?

If you're overclocking your GPU, you won't really gain any performance from it - maybe 5-10%, but that's only if you're CPU can feed the GPU enough.

As suggested, watch temps on the CPU and GPU (use a program to monitor the temps while you play a demanding game. Have the problem keep tabs on the highest temps reached or have it put an overlay on your screen so you see what they are while you're playing). Also check to see if either your CPU or GPU are hitting 100% load while you're gaming.
Oct 29, 2018
Hey, thanks for the quick replies. I get around 70-90% on my CPU but can't tell my GPU temps rn cuz I am away from my computer. I just had the CPU temps remembered from a few days ago when I was watching it.