Question FPS Drops in all games

Sep 22, 2020
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2060 SUPER
Motherboard: MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
Storage: 500GB m.2-2280 NVME SSD and 1TB WD 7200RPM HD
RAM: Corsair 2 x 8GB DDR4 3600
PSU: EVGA 500W Bronze cert.

I've run tests and my avg. temp while gaming is around 70 degrees.
When I play any FPS game for more than 5 minutes my FPS drops from around 200 to 20. I've tried playing on low settings, capping FPS at 60, disabling all overlays but FPS always drops.

Any advice?


If your games are on the M.2 drive I would check the temp of it while gaming, I have replaced 2 M.2 drives that were actually melted. Their supposed to slow down with high temps before something like that happens.

From their if your games are on the HDD check the health of it just to make sure you can go to the WD site and download a tool although it should not really start out fine then go to a craw.

On the drives you could also have issues if they were to close to max capacity they need extra room left to operate correctly
( 90% or so full would be my max)

I would not think a drive is the problem since they start out fine but never hurts to check.

Now to see what the problem is.
Stress test the CPU, and GPU at the same time your looking at the temp and frequency on both, also have task manager up to monitor your memory usage (could be a memory leak killing performance)

For stressing the CPU I use OCCT, for the GPU MSI Kombuster. Remember your monitoring the frequency and temp.

OCCT should show both but you can use Ryzen Master for the temp, for the video card MSI Afterburner should show that.

After testing the drives those 3 things are the only things left unless your having some kind of strange ISP problem.