Question FPS drops in COD Warzone

Jun 6, 2020
Why do i get 120 fps in COD warzone and then midgame it randomly goes down to 20 and is stuck on 20 for the rest of the game?

I got a 1060 3gb ryzen 5 2600 and 32gb ram everytime i play the game my fps is fine but then midgame it randomly drops to 20 fps for the rest of the game i tried alot but nothing helped fix it and im not seeing anyone talk about it either
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Jul 8, 2020
Having the exact same issue, never experienced such a thing with any other game. Did you find any possible fix or related forum by chance?
Jun 29, 2020
Could be a lot of things . Over heating what are temps for GPUs and cpu. If you have windows 10 2004 disable game mode I think it’s called . Any unstable over clock ? . What power supply do you have . If it’s a no name brand psu that might be the problem .
If I had that problem I’d be testing temps, no overclocking , psu swap, reinstall game , disable game mode in windows , update drivers , update bios for motherboard, testing ram sticks start with 1 stick test game and add another stick test game and so on . Sorry that is all I can think of maybe someone else will chime in. Oh one more thing does this happen with any other games ?
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