Question Fps drops in Gta 5.

Mar 8, 2020
So i have freshly builted pc and i installed all necessary drivers and updates. I have R5 3600, 16gb 3000 ram, rtx 2070 super, and i play on 1440p 144hz monitor lg 27GL850-B. and i played gta v and i was so confused with all those graphics settings in the game, so i optimized settings via geforce experience and mostly it was 60-80fps, but a lot of times it dropped like to 40fps. and i dont know how should i set graphics in gta v. can anyone help?
the best way to learn what limits your FPS in certain games is to start with everything at the lowest settings.
then one at a time, increase and see which of them reduces FPS the most.

depending on the game; shadows, anti-aliasing, and draw distances seem to use the most resources. but some it's environmental effects, etc.

you'll find hundreds of online videos of people claiming certain settings and showing FPS results but you will also find hundreds of others arguing that they didn't get the same results.
it is always best to try and determine yourself what works best on your own setup.
May 6, 2020
It happens because the speed of the network is very low. Plus, it seems that your PC is not so powerful as GTA 5 needs. I also had this problem and after multiple searches in the net, I've decided just to delete the game from my PC)) Later, my friend recommended me to download the GTA 5 from and he said that it will work without any bugs and problems. I've downloaded it and I was wondered when the game was running perfectly without any problems.
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