FPS Drops in Witcher 2.


Sep 30, 2012
My friend bought me Witcher 2 on Steam and i downloaded it and i have everything on Medium settings. And The frame rates were at 50 right when i started the tutorial and when i walked into a forest like area it dropped to 40 and there was sine stuttering but minimal. I used Fraps to see how much FPS i was getting. In cutscenes in battle it would jump between 40-50
and i can play BF3 multiplayer and campaign with all settings on High and maintain at least 50+ even in a firefight. Here are my PC specs http://pcpartpicker.com/p/oW5G I should have all the driver updates.

Texture Downscaling None

Texture Memory Size (MB) Small

Shadow Quality Medium

Number of Shadowed Lights Medium

LOD Distance Minimal

Bloom Enabled

Light Shafts Disabled

Anti Aliasing Disabled

Blur Effects enabled

Depth of field Gameplay disabled

Vignette Enabled

Wet Surfaces Rain Effect Enabled

SSAO Enabled

Motion Blur Disabled

Cinematic Depth of field Disabled

Depth of field Cut scenes Enabled

Dangling Objects Limit Disabled

Ubersampling Disabled

Vertical Sync Enabled

Decals Medium Spec

For BF3 everything on High
and Anti Aliasing Deferred Off

Anti Aliasing Post ??

Anisotropic Filter 2x

Ambient Occlusion SSAO