Question FPS drops massively when playing cyberpunk 2077 and cod cold war

Jan 20, 2021
So my pc was running fine up until 05/01/2021, then i booted cyberpunk up as usual and after about 40 seconds of the game running perfectly my fps drops from 130fps to about 20-30fps and stays like that, i tested multiple games fortnite, escape from tarkov, rainbow 6 siege and tw three kingdoms and they all run perfectly so i assumed it was just cyberpunk until today when i went to play cold war the same issue happened dropping from 150+fps to about 40fps. I've played cyberpunk for 26hours before i had this issue and it worked fine, as well as cod worked fine prior the issue

System specs
GPU- rtx 2080ti
CPU - i9-10900k
ram - 32gb 3200mhz advertised speeds
OS- Win 10
2 SSDs
800w corsair psu

Solutions i have tried:
verifying cache/repair game files
made sure ram is running at correct speeds
made sure pcie slot is running at 3.0 x16
DDU graphics drivers
set power management to maximum
i never have v-sync on
temps never go to high gpu about 65c and cpu 40c when playing cyberpunk before the fps drops
prior to this i haven't messed around with any settings

but im stumped i have absolutely no idea what is causing this issue i feel maybe some component is dying as it seems uninfluenced by any updates, any hellp would be greatly appreciated ,
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