FPS drops on a notebook pc


Sep 20, 2012
Hi all, I have been experiencing some very heavy fps drops recently.

My specs are:
Inter Core i3 (2.3GHz)
8Gigabyes of DDR3 Memory
Nvidia Geforce 610M
Windows 7 (64bit)

I only play dota2 and diablo 3, and I have recently been experiencing fps drops. In the middle of the game it would drop down from its 48ish to 59ish fps to around 5-20 fps. It would stay like that for some time (around 30 minutes to 2 minutes) and then would rise to a state of higher than normal fps for some time, and then go back to its normal fps.

I have no ideas as to what this may be. I have tried disk cleaning/ anti-virus scans but to no avail, the problem still exists.

Thank you for your time reading this.