Question FPS drops on high end PC


Jan 29, 2017
I built a new computer about a week ago, and I've been getting some fps drops in games. It's not common and only happens every once in a while, but it can get annoying. I ran an ungine benchmark and there were a couple of fps drops as well so the min fps shows up as really low.

ungine: View:
I've tried optimizing control panel settings, reinstalling drivers using DDU, as well as updated BIOS. Thermal throttling doesn't seem to be the case since the GPU temps hover around 70 Celsius on stress tests and around 50 for normal games. CPU temps hover around 40-50 normally, but does jump up to 60+ sometimes. However, it goes back down pretty fast. I'm not too sure what to do at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've also ran a userbenchmark and there doesn't seem to be any problems..

3D mark timespy shows numbers that seem to match up with what other people are getting.

One of my friends said it could be due to a dying HDD (which I have games installed on). I thought HDD wouldn't actually affect game performance, and userbenchmark seems to say it's performing well.

I found someone else's video on a problem very similar to mine. Video not by me, but it looks pretty much the same. When it doesn't happen, the games run very well so I'm very surprised.


The only problem I ran into when setting this new PC up was that NVIDIA drivers said my Windows 10 version wasn't compatible despite it being the newest version. I installed using GeForce Experience and it installed fine.


PC specs:

b450 tomohawk MB

RTX 2080

ryzen 2700x

16gb RAM

Windows 10

750 W EVGA power supply