Question FPS Drops When Opening Interfaces in Games


Mar 31, 2020
For a while now (few months or so), opening an interface in any game causes it to not only stutter/FPS drop like it's about to crash, but it also drastically does the same to the rest of my PC. I have two monitors, and I do notice that when I tab from a game to my browser, I see the game's performance drop drastically, which on its own is fine when it's not in focus. I understand (I believe), that it's just prioritizing what's focused, though in any game I play now, opening opening an options menu, chat bar to type or console command bar makes the game's performance plummet to being entirely unplayable and continues until I close out whatever's open.

At first I thought it was just Ark. It happens whenever I open the character interface/inventory or chat bar. I was having problems with Ark always stuttering whenever I had GeForce overlay enabled, though it also happens in Beasts of Bermuda when in the menu to customize/choose a dinosaur, Beasts of Bermuda when opening chat, WoW when going into options. The only game I really haven't had the issue with is LoL. It usually causes my RAM to spike, though I do have 16GB and a decent enough PC that's not even two years old yet. It was a prebuilt, and the only change I've made to it was getting two new SSDs (My C being 500GB and D 1TB), though this was months ago and I never had any problem with them. Outside of these drops, I can run most games on the highest setting with around 45-60 FPS and hardly pass 72% RAM while also having however many other things open, and my CPU usage is considerably lower than that even when a game is in focus and running at its best.

Any help is appreciated!

Things I've Tried:
•Turning off GeForce Overlay
•Turning off Windows Game Mode (Windows 11)
•Trying all games in windowed, windowed fullscreen and fullscreen
•Setting all game's graphics to their lowest settings
•Double checking that my game's resolution matches my monitor's of 1920x1080
•Updating my graphics card
•Closing any other apps outside of the game

Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.60 GHz
Processor Main Features 64 bit 6-Core 12-Thread Processor
Cache Per Processor 32 MB L3 Cache
Memory 16 GB DDR4 3000 MHz
Storage 500 GB SSD
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6 GB
Power Supply500 Watt 80 PLUS Certified Power Supply
CPU Type Ryzen 5 3rd Gen
CPU Speed 3600 (3.60GHz)
L3 Cache Per CPU 32 MB
CPU Main Features64 bit 6-Core 12-Thread Processor
GPU/VGA Type NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
Video Memory6 GB GDDR5
Memory Speed DDR4 3000


Mar 31, 2020
Update: Uhh... I completely forgot I never tried closing Wallpaper Engine of all things and lo and behold it was the culprit. I'm not entirely sure how or why, though the second it was closed the problem was fixed.