Question Fps drops with harddisk disconnecting

Dec 23, 2019
well , i built a pc but actually i got cheated and it wasn't built as i wanted , So pc specs are : i7-930 with 8 GB RAM ddr3 , gtx 1650 4GB , 1TB harddisk and 240 gb SSD card
ik the processor is kinda bad for the graphic card and its already old af so thats why i said it wasnt as i wanted , anyway the prob is when i run games such as CSGO or RUST i get freezes and fps drops and when i perforce end the Task of that Game the Harddisk disconnect and i cannot run anny game installed on that hard disk neither Games installed on SSD card
I tried to change Sata and power supply Cables of the hard disk but nothing and i already changed that hard disk before like 2 months ago but still facing the same problem , also i runned the pc with only SSD Card and Tried to play CSGo and still getting fps drops and freezes and then the whole pc freezes so i should Reboot it
i knw thats too much to read but i really need help .. here are some pics when the Harddisk disconnect when CSGO wasnt responding so i perforce ended the task