Oct 22, 2019
Lemme get right to the point I have an acer predator helios 300
i7 8750H
GTX 1060 6gb vram
32 gb ram
2tb hdd 256gb ssd
Windows 10

While playing games I get these fps drops. They happen every once in a while(maybe once every 3 or so mins). For example while play destiny 2 I normally get 110 fps but when it drops it goes to 2 fps and then 30 then 50 and so on till it goes back to 110. This also happens in other games such as r6 CSGO and GTA.
The computer is only 4 months old. What could be the problem?
I have heard it could be temp throttling but my gpu stay with in 90-100c which is the normal range for laptop gpu while gaming. I don’t think it’s my wifi I mean it’s not the best but it shouldn’t cause these drops.
Pls help I really wanna get this fixed