Question Fps drops

Apr 8, 2020
Hey guys help needed
Pc specs
I5 4690k
Had 8gb
Now 16gb
H81m p33 mobo
Gpu 1060 3gb g1 gaming

Ok so there are 2 issues i am facing posting in gaming issue as gaming issue is whats bothering me the most

1st i bought 16gb 2x8gb hyper x fury 1866 mhz the mobo support 1600mhz so when i plugged ram into my system in task manager and cmd its showing 1333mhz tried changing it in bios XMP no where to be found but there was option auto 1333 1600 mhz that didnt work either so is there any issue should i return the ram or its not a big deal

2nd issue when i had 8gb ram i use to have sudden fps drops which made the game unplayable ram usage was like 7gb+ so i thought it will be ram issue so today i installed 16gb ram and the issue is still there even on low settings 1080p having ram usage 9gb 10gb

Can someone please help