Question FPS goes low for a few seconds, then goes back to normal.

Apr 21, 2021
Hello! I'm pretty new to pc stuff and I would happily do anything to get rid of this issue. Whenever I play Valorant or CS:GO, (Mainly Valorant, only played CSGO again to test), My FPS would be normal, (80-90fps, which is enough for me), then it would dip into the 30fps range, and then it would go back to normal, and this'll continue in a loop until the very end of the game. I have a X4-860k CPU, GTX 750 1gb, and 6gb of ram, I'm a low spec gamer. Anyways, I've monitored my cpu temps maybe that was the issue, but my max temp would only be 71 degrees, even when I've been playing with my friends for 6+ hours, it wouldn't exceed 73 degrees from what I've seen, I use Core Temp to monitor my cpu temps btw. I played CSGO to test, because I know that game is also CPU intensive just like valorant, and the same goes for there, 100+ fps normally, and then for a few seconds it would dip to 30-50 fps (I haven't really monitored it properly on Cs). I have noticed though, on Valorant there is an option to turn on stats of your pc, and when I checked every one of them to see what changes when my fps dips, aside from my fps, I keep seeing "CPU (Render) Time" go to 11-15ms (Not really sure but its from that range), when my fps is dipping, but when it goes back to normal, it would usually be 5-9ms. Btw, since I'm a low spec gamer, all of my settings are on the lowest setting.

What I have tried to do though is to test my old CPU (X4 760k) to see if it would change anything, and to my surprise, even though it may have lower fps, like 40-60fps, it wouldn't really dip, it would just stay in that range.

I've already tried applying new thermal paste, reseated my RAM, reinstalled valorant and vanguard (Valorants anti-cheat), making sure my power settings was on better performance, and updating windows and my drivers.

Anyway I can fix this?