Question FPS has dropped in all games ?

May 29, 2022
Hi guys new to this forum.

I recently switched from a 1440p 240hz monitor to a 1080p 360hz and over the last few months fps has slowly been going down in all games
I deep cleaned my pc and took the fans and cover off my 2080ti and wraith prism cooler and used canned air and Q tips + rubbing alcohol to remove dust.
the idle temperatures did lower for both my CPU and GPU from dust cleaning BUT still getting low fps.

Valorant used to 240fps+ on it runs 200ish on 1080p
destiny 2 used to 200+ fps on 1440p..... now it runs 100ish on 1080p
it doesn't make sense to me

I thought downgrading to 1080p display would give my pc an fps boost but its only caused problems for my games.
I built my pc 3 years ago and because it had always had good specs, fps was never really an issue for me.
I never looked into the issue because my pc would always run good enough to play games of course

trying to use a clipping software with such low fps is only pushing games more into the 100fps range.
my pc idles with 7.2gb ram usage just from background programs could that be the issue?

EVGA 2080ti black edition
64gb (4x16gb) g skill trident z neo 3600hz
Ryzen 9 3900x
2x 1TB Samsung m.2 SSD
1000w PSU
ASUS X570-E mobo