Question FPS is terrible and games are almost unplayable.

Aug 8, 2020
First off, I hope this is the right area to post this thread, if not, I apologize.

I'm super confused and I don't know what could be the issue with my pc. I built this pc back in 2014-2015 and back then I thought it was pretty good build and figured it could keep up for quite a while and I feel like it should. So... I've downloaded msi afterburner so I could watch my usage of everything and it's just a horrible thing to look at lol. For some reason every game I run wants to use 100% of my cpu and maybe like 20-30% of my gpu and there are some cases it doesn't even use 20% of my gpu. When I first built this pc I could run games like skyrim in high-ultra settings and it would be super smooth. Now when I try to games like minecraft or here lately Phasmophobia I feel like I have to turn everything way down to even enjoy the game. I've googled and googled but I can't figure out what the issue is. I've even youtubed my same cpu and gpu and have seen videos of those two together running games like gta5 at 60fps.. and my rig can hardly even load the game and it's completely unplayable for me. I'm completely lost and don't currently have the funds to do any serious upgrades atm. Also I've completely wiped my pc once or twice when I've tried to come up with solutions and still nothing. I don't believe it could be heat throttling because my cpu temps stay between 30-45. Also I've put my games through the geforce experience and it still wants to optimize everything on high settings. And before it's asked, I've disabled my steam overlay just recently and doesn't seem to do much.

Cpu: i5 4690K 3.50GHz
Gpu: Nvidia gtx 970
Mobo: Asrock z97 extreme4
Ram: DDR3 16gbs vengeance
Ssd: crucial 250
Hdd: wd 1tb
Duel Monitors both 1080 60hz

Please, any help would be useful.
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