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Question FPS Issues 1920x1080 Ryzen 7 3700x GTX 1060SUPER

Jun 15, 2020
Im playing modern warfare all day each day, and i recently upgraded my cpu to the 3700x and i have noticed no improvement to the FPS in my PC in warzone i am still averaging 90fps. What do i do?
Jun 15, 2020
What did you have before? Was it just a cpu change?
What’s the full pc spec?
What’s the gpu usage while in game?
What’s the cpu & gpu temperatures while in game?
What resolution are you using?
i5 7500
Yes and motherboard
I dont know
35- 56 degrees celsius for GPU
50 degrees celsius for CPU
Did you reinstall Windows after changing motherboard? If no then start with this.

Use a program like MSIAfterburner to record gpu usage while in game.

What is your RAM? 2x8gb, 1x16gb or something else? What speed is it?

Run userbenchmark and share the results link. This might help point us to something.
Ok that shows your RAM is running at 2400mhz. That is slow especially for a Ryzen system. It 2400mhz what your RAM is rated for? If it’s rated higher you need to enable XMP in the BIOS.

Also need answers to my other questions.