FPS on online games, does it really effect in game play?


Oct 12, 2011
Ok, i saw a clip on youtube really showing the differance of what a 30 fps and a 60 fps looks like, side by side in the same sequence. I can see how in a game, say like the upcoming bf3 it would benifit with the faster fps because from what I saw on the clip, which showed a shot gun being loaded and being shot. The faster fps would win in a fight.

Does this happen in real time gaming like BF3. Is this why in the past when i've played shooter games, I've always found myself not in the same level as other players, not because of skill I though but because they had better systems?


Aug 3, 2011
I used to play America's Army 2.x at 20FPS and still typically did really good online and dominated compared to all of my friends (we had a league of 24 players). If I play Killzone 2 on the PS3 I'm probably average and everyone is on an even playing field. While a higher FPS is helpful I believe that skill/practice plays a bigger part than 60FPS