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Question FPS problems RTX 2060 Super

May 19, 2020
Hello guys, what settings should i do for my rtx 2060 super in nvidia control panel, for maximum fps in games? I saw a clip on youtube, with a guy that had RTX 2060 and Intel i5-9400F , he played modern warfare at ultra and his fps were steady, at 100-110, never under 100. My game has moments when it drops under 100 fps (even 90), my pc is a little better than this guy pc and i have medium low settings.. Textures are at medium, only the AA is at maximum, the rest are disabled or low. I changed from nvidia control panel, from quality to performance, nothing. What should i do?
I have rtx 2060 super, i5 9600kf, 16GB RAM vengeance pro 3600 mhz, z390 Aorus Pro, 970 evo plus ssd.