Question FPS stuck at 30-40 unless I alt-tab back in ?

Dec 11, 2022
Running into a really weird problem. I have a 144 FPS monitor with GSYNC. Whenever I launch a game I'm either immediately stuck at 30-40 FPS or the game will drop from the normal 120-144 range after about 30 seconds. Alt tabbing and going back in sets it to the normal FPS but it always returns to 30 or 40. The only fix I have found is reinstalling my GPU drivers which allows me to play normally until I restart my computer or relaunch a game later in the day. I have V-Sync set to on in Nvidia control panel and G-sync on as well. I've tried doing a completely clean driver install, turned off G-sync for windowed mode, unplugged the second monitor, nothing seems to be working. This is driving me up the wall so if anyone has experience with this issue or any tips I would greatly appreciate it.

GPU: Gigabyte OC Gaming 3070 RTX 8G (rev 2.0)
CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K
MOBO: ROG Maximus XI Hero
RAM: 32 GBytes DDR4 G. Skill 3200 MHz


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I've tried doing a completely clean driver install
Using DDU? On that note, what version of Nvidia's GPU driver installer are you working with?

MOBO: ROG Maximus XI Hero
BIOS version for your motherboard?

What OS are you working with? Make and model of your PSU and it's age?