[SOLVED] FPS the same (if not very slightly worse) after overclock - everything else has improved


Jan 3, 2018
Hello everyone!

Here are my PC's Specs:
Ryzen 7 1700,
Asus Crosshair VI Hero,
16gb of Gskill Trident Z RAM

I recently updated my bios and reset my PC to factory settings because I was looking for a fresh start. When I did so I decided to move my overclock slightly higher than I had it orginally (Under the presumption that further BIOS updates and more stability for Ryzen would help provide a better overclock.

My chip was originally at 3.7Ghz and my RAM was at stock - My chip is now at 3.9GHZ and my RAM(which is rated for 3600Mhz) is at 3200 at 14-14-14-14-28.

Now when I've tested the games I looked at before I started my overclock my FPS has barely changed (and in one instance has got worse!) I apologise for the very small testing pool but I didn't really think it would take as long as it did to get stable and the performance gains would be noticeable everywhere(wont make that mistake again).

In Yakuza 0 my FPS has dropped off by about 3 or 4 frames consistently, sometimes as many as 9.
In Battlefield 1 I've gained about 2 FPS in the same areas.
Fallout 4 has stayed about the same.
FFXV has stayed about the same

Should note that I'm playing all of these games at 4k Ultra (I know it's a luxury in itself but now i'm interested in the lack of difference)

The strange thing is outside of games plenty have other things have improved:
My haven benchmark has gone up 350 points, my firestrike one has gone up by 200 or so and i've got better scores in Real bench and Cine Bench - as well as (and this could be placebo but im almost certain of it) the load times of games actually improving.

Here are a few things I've checked so far:
My temps are fine - CPU never goes over 55 degrees
I've put windows into High Performance Mode
VSync is turned off
Drivers are all upto date.

Now - I'm not sure if perhaps i've just reached the limit of my chip - or maybe my GPU is actually the bottleneck, I'm out of ideas so was hoping that someone could help!



I read through your post and wonder where I missed the question mark. If there was one, I probably missed the point. Turning my sarcasm off, I'd say you're fine. I hope you weren't expecting something that would shake the foundations now did you? At 4K and with your current setup, you're good as is. You will need to specify what the voltages are for the processor and what ram kit you're working with. G'Skill's kits are forgiving when it comes to overclocking which is why I'd like to see what they're advertised for and compare them with what you're already running at.

You could recreate your bootable installer for Windows 10 using WIndows Media Creation Tools and see if that changes anything for you. Lastly, did you reinstall your GPU drivers after the refresh?


Jan 3, 2018
Ha! that is probably a fair point - suppose I should have asked if there was anything else I may have forgotten to do.

I didn't expect a massive jump at all, it was more the drop in frames in Yakuza that shook me a bit. and the fact that they really didn't change that much, I think minimum I was expecting maybe 3 or 4 frames more which would have been enough to keep me at a solid 60 - but maybe I was expecting too much.

CPU voltage is 1.375 and RAM is meant for 3600 at 16-16-16-36.

Did re-install my drivers after the refresh! Worst case scenario I'll give another installer a go.
At 4k, after a point the cpu speed doesn’t matter much. You probably would see a difference at 1080p, less so at even 1440p.

Sounds to me like Yakuza preferred the faster ram with looser timings. Why not put the ram back to stock and see if you get your framerate back.


Oct 22, 2016
AT 4k you are gpu bound. Try overclocking your gpu card with Msi afterburner. The 1080ti is a good overclocker and should see up to 10% improvement on fps. I agree with Jed 70 Ryzen cpu's love faster memory keep it at 3600.

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