Question FPS & Variable Refresh Rate unable to sync in Dota 2 ?


Dec 28, 2020

I recently bought Gigabyte G24F-2 monitor. FreeSync is enabled and G-sync under NVCP is also enabled for my RTX 2060. Monitor has 165hz refresh rate. The problem is whenever my fps drops below the max refresh rate, I face tearing plus micro stuttering which really annoys me and makes the game feel not so smooth. VRR is working and I have checked it via OSD RR counter and also via G-sync indicator.

Freesync doesn't seem to fulfill its purpose which is to match the refresh rate with my current fps which isn't dropping below 100 by any means so I am well in FreeSync/G-sync range.

The fps counter and refresh rate counter seems to mismatch which seems to cause tearing plus micro stuttering. I have already tried;

FreeSync + Vsync ON

FreeSync + Vsync ON + Frame limiter (-3 cap)

FreeSync + Vsync OFF + Frame limiter (-3 cap)

FreeSync + Vsync ON + Nvidia reflex boost

Actually everything that's been guided on Blurbuster forums but FPS and VRR doesn't seem to match once the FPS drops below my max refresh rate. Not sure if this issue is specific to Dota 2 or not.

Tried COD-MW2 and FreeSync works like a charm. Zero tearing or stutters.

When I try to match the FPS counter and VRR counter, it doesn't seem to match at all. I know that it cannot be 100% accurate depiction of what's going on behind but again, if my FPS are sitting around 110, the VRR counter should never jump back to 165 and come back to 110 or in between. The VRR even goes below sometimes from the current FPS which it should not.

Posting some videos to make myself clearer and for a better understanding.

COD Warzone with FreeSync ON + Vsync ON + fps cap; View:

- VRR counter and FPS counter is almost same. No tearing or stuttering.

COD Warzone with FreeSync ON + Vsync ON + NO fps cap; View:

- VRR trying its best to keep up with FPS, pretty good. Though I paused at couple of frames and saw 165 but I guess it could be margin of error.

Dota 2 in game with FreeSync ON + Vsync ON via NVCP + Reflex On+Boost; View:

- You can see how VRR counter shows its going back to max refresh rate despite my fps well below 165hz. So basically aint syncing to current FPS. Only when this VRR keeps shuffling between current fps to max and in between, I feel micro stutter in moving units, tearing while panning camera in game and also judders in team fights.

Dota 2 in menu with FreeSync ON + Vsync ON via NVCP + Reflex On+Boost; View:

- Even in main menu, VRR trying hard to get back to max refresh rate as you can see that menu FPS are steady at 158 FPS. Obviously cant feel tear or stutter in main menu.