Fps wise how much of an increase would i see?


Sep 22, 2016
I have a I5 6402p @ 2.8ghz, 3.4 Turbo 16gbs ddr4 2133, Rx 480 4gb 240 ssd 650w power supply. If I upgraded say to a I7 6700 performance wise from frame rate how much of a difference would I see if not any?
Only upgrading the CPU from I5 6400 to I7 6700, while keeping the RX480.
To vast majority of games, almost to no fps increase.
To very few games, up to 30% more fps.

Going to i7 6700 from I5 6400 is not very cost effective, it is better to get more powerful GPU instead e.g. GTX1080 or GTX1070.
The very most effective is however to go for the new coming GPUs in 2017 e.g. perhaps Vega, perhaps GTX1080Ti.


You are not going to see much of an improvement in performance because most games are not dependent on the CPU as long as the CPU is not so slow that it actually bottlenecks the GPU. Strategy games are generally the most CPU dependent games out there. Most games are not CPU bound. MMOs may get a small boost in performance especially in areas where there are a hell of a lot of other players in that instance... I dunno... maybe over 30 other players? Maybe...

Most 1st person shooters are not CPU bound so an upgrade will likely not give you any increase in performance. Fallout 4 and Skyrim are kinda like exceptions to the rule. They are not CPU bound like strategy games, but they are definitely more dependent on the CPU than other FPS games.

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