Question Fractal design define R6 case - Fan hub question

Oct 5, 2022

I have a question about upgrading my fans/cooling in the Fractal Design Define R6 case.

The fan hub the case came with has mostly 3 pin fan connectors and only 3x4 pin fan connectors

I am upgrading the fans to the Noctua NF-A14 2000 PWM fans
The case can fit a total of 8 of these fans and I was hoping to use them all with my new Noctua fans
Front - 2 intake
Bottom - 2 intake
Top - 3 exhaust
Back - 1 exhaust

I want to be able to control all these 8 fans and from what I understand the 3 pin connection on the hub will not allow that and force them all to just run at 100%

I was thinking the 2x4 pin slots I could add a 4 way splitter to each and hook up all my new fans to the splitter to allow them all to be controlled
Would this work?

Can 1 of the 4 pin on the fan hub handle 4 of these fans?
I saw somewhere saying each fan connection should provide 1 amp and each fan will pull a max of 0.18 (under full load) amp so 4 would equal 0.72 amps which is under the 1 amp limit right?

Reason I am doing this is I also upgraded to a 6900xt GPU and its really baking my case with the sock fans I think the heat is not escaping fast enough and not enough cool air coming in.

I also discovered a piece of software that can control all the fans in your case giving you ability to do custom fan curves based on other temps and not just rely on the CPU temp
It will allow a fan curve to respond to the GPU temp or a mix of CPU/GPU and whichever is highest it will compensate the fans for. So when the GPU is at like 90 the fans will run faster

Thanks for any help