Review Fractal Design Vector RS Case Review: Flexible, but Expensive


Apr 3, 2001
My take on this review:

"The stock fans are designed for low RPM quiet operation, and there are only three of them installed stock. Therefore, via the transitive factor, the design of the chassis itself must be at fault for the subpar cooling benchmarks!"

Poking fun aside, you drew this conclusion without a really solid scientific basis. Take all of the hardware, including the fans, and stick them in a similar competing glass-heavy chassis with the same settings. See if there's a radical difference in cooling performance. I don't think the intake vents are the major limiting factor here with those silent fans. The main flaw with this case (other than I don't care for glass, but that's a matter of taste) is that it's overpriced, even for a glasser.

In a perfect world we’d replace all three of those front fans with some static pressure optimized fans, and even potentially mount an additional 140mm intake in the floor as well, especially if you’re not running 3.5-inch drives. If you’ve got fans lying around from an old build, it’s definitely worth considering.
Exactly, I mean, it's not like you could order new fans or anything. First thing I do with most builds is flesh out the fan configuration. If I don't like the stock fans (or don't trust their durability) I toss them for some premium ones. I prefer Noctua but most builds don't justify the price.