Question Frame drops on Steam games but Origin games are fine

Sep 12, 2019
My pc- GTX 1080 CPU Intel i7 4790 3.60 ghz RAM 16 Windows 10, temps are fine all drivers up to date CPU is at 73% gpu 99 % when i play v-sync off.
I was able to play all my games with over 80 fps on ultra or very high, R6 130 to 160fps, hitman 2 80 fps to 120, overwatch 120 to 150 fps, , cs go 130 to 205 fps, ac odyssey 70 to 100fps... one day i turn off my pc went to bed next day turn on to play and all games were under 60 fps, R6 43 fps, hitman2 32 fps, cs go 53, ac odyssey 19, overwatch 62... but all my origin games are fine I can pay bf5 at 110 fps very high and battlefront 2 100 very high
What i tired and didnt worked:
-cleaned the hardware
-made a new task to dump ram while playing
-went to the registry and change game dvr enable form 1 to 0 and value form1 to 0
-scan the pc for virus
-defraged my hdd
-reset my pc
-reinstall windows 10
-reinstall steam and all my games
-checked my drivers with driver easy, windows update, geforce experience and also check them manualy
-change my psu with a more powerfull one
-change my settings on Nvida control panel
-disable game bar
-verifieded my games integrity fiels
I know my cpu is old but i wasl able to play wiht high fps since i got this pc and now im under 60 fps need help boys and girls.