Question Framerate is absurdly unplayable ?

Feb 25, 2023
Why is my framerate like this on specific games? The worst one is Spider-Man Remastered, but it's also happening on Minecraft.
My GPU and CPU usage are either very low (talking about 30% GPU and 20% CPU) or they are very high with a lot of drops.
They never maintain the same value; if the GPU is at 90% it'll fall to 40% out of nowhere. Same goes for CPU.

I've reinstalled Windows, used DDU, updated BIOS and restored everything in NVIDIA Control Panel.
I really don't know what's going on because a few weeks ago this games ran well on my PC, specially Minecraft.
Now Minecraft is always 50/50 even if I'm hitting 20fps.


GeForce RTX 3070 GALAX
Intel Core i5 12400F
B660M-TUF Gaming Plus D4
RAM Fury Beast 2x16 3000mhz
PSU Corsair CV650W
Hey there,

Aside from your issue, the very first thing I would if i were you, would be turn of your PC, take out the PSU and throw it in the bin. It's a liability, with your system. It's not for a gaming machine. Simples.

Whilst this may not be linked, it could be your weak PSU is causing performance issues.


It is possible that your power supply just isn't good enough to sustain proper voltage/amperage (not necessarily wattage) for the GPU on the 12v rail.

Aside from that, you are attempting to square a circle here with these two games.
On the one hand, you have a modern AAA title that was made for console and was ported to PC and probably not the best port, and on the other hand you have a game that is built using Java which has severe limitations and will never actually utilize all of your GPU and/or CPU because the language and engine hit their limits before the hardware does.

I would try some other games and see what happens.
There's also the issue of DirectX12 overhead on Nvidia GPU's at the moment that Nvidia still hasn't addressed properly as of the time of writing this up and I believe Spoodermen has DX12 support. One way to test that it's not just the <Mod Edit> DX12 overhead getting in the way is to see if the game can be run in DX11 mode and see how things go then (but also just trying other games would probably help as well)

Other things to look out for are certain settings in your PC that could limit the hardware utilization. You can specify the power mode of the GPU in Nvidia control panel, and you can also go make sure Windows Power Settings Profile is set to high performance.

Other things might be to check that there's no limitations set on PCIe devices in your BIOS.
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