[SOLVED] Frames slightly dipping below 144HZ looks like 60-90ish

Nov 27, 2021
A issue that ive been facing some time now that i have somehow managed to ignore until recently. As stated in the title whenever my frames dip below 144 in games let's say to 130 it looks very bad. This come to my mind after playing some deabbydaylight with my so where i was complaining how the game looks like i 'm playing at 60fps even tho i am capped at 120 by the game and not dropping below that and she said that it just looks fine for her.
Bit of an unusual question maybe but if anyone happens to know anything that i can do i would really appreciate it.

I have an RTX2070 paired with i7-9700k with GSYNC and VSYNC turned on, have tried to have my fps capped at 141.
EDIT: And as monitor i have ACER XF240H G-Sync compatible monitor.