Frametime Hitch Stutter in all games


Dec 3, 2015
I've searched this problem multiple times, havent found solution, I'm desperate and tired of this.

This is exactly my build and the parts I currently have:


Fortnite uncap frames no g sync:

Fortnite cap 162fps, g sync on

I also limited the game to 120fps, and the fps here went from 120 to 119, and a stutter in frametime happened:

These are the frametimes I get when playing games. The big spikes are not really the problem, its the "small ones" that happen during gameplay (although Im not sure if those big ones are normal, but those happen when i see loading screens, or when I get in the fortnite bus, etc). I'm at 7ms, and suddenly goes to 16-30, out of nowhere. It happens in other games. I tried on Doom and it happened, but when I limit the fps to 60, happened way less, but still there were having frametime spikes. Same thing limiting fortnite to 60fps.

Please let me know what kind of tests I could do or you would like me to show you, maybe recording gameplay, I dont know.

Things I've tried:
- Formating Windows 10
- DDU drivers, old drivers for gpu
- Different nvidia settings, enabling and disabling max performance
- Play games on SSD and also HDD
- Update BIOS
- Enabling and disabling xmp profile (its currently running at 3200mhz dual channel)
- Limit fps, v sync on, off, g sync on, off. Limit fps using rivatunner as well.
- I've tried different monitors too.

I have no overclock.

This pc is really new (from december), I've been weeks trying to find a solution, but havent found it yet.

Hope you can help me, thank you.