Question Frametime spikes/heavy stuttering/massive fps drops despite fairly spec build??

Jul 30, 2020
Hey all I know I keep coming back to this forum but really I don't know where else to turn, recently I purchased a powerspec g510 from Microcenter. It's a red devil 6700xt, ryzen 5 5600x (stock cooler but will replace with a 212 if I can find out what the problem is) asus prime b550m-a ac motherboard, G Skill 2x16gb ddr4 2133mhz (xmp/docp to 3200mhz) high power 650W 80+ gold psu, case is a lian li 205 power spec clone.
Temps seem okay for the case chosen, core temp for gpu is about 70-80c depending on the game, hotspot is about 80-90+c (I read up to 110c is perfectly fine?) CPU with stock cooler is about mid 70s-mid 80s c
Things i've tried with the help of a friend:

Disabled PBO (prebuilt manufacturers enabled it even though he had stock cooler)
Updated all drivers via AMD Auto detect
Made sure Ryzen Master was running on the default OC mode
Updated bios
Disabled XMP (and setting different memory times)
Increased DRAM voltage
Disabling Radeon Software Auto OC tuner
Disabled Freesync
Disabled Vsync
Disabled Enhanced Sync
Increased memory clock
Decreased core clock
Cleaning old drivers with the AMD cleanup utility
Disabled PCIE power saving
Disabled 10-bit pixel format
Disabled Microsoft game bar
Disabled discord overlay
Set audio channel to "stereo"
Increased the card's power limit via MSI Afterburner
Updated Ryzen Master
Set refresh rate to 60hz (from 144)
Set games to run at 1080p
Ran memtest86 in bios, 3/4 passes with no errors within 3 hours of runtime.
Ran crystaldiskinfo, ssd came up as healthy.
Reseated GPU
Replaced the AMD GPU with my old zotac 950 and clean install of drivers with ddu (the 950 despite lowest graphics possible and lower fps difference felt overall more stable in regards to frametime spikes than the red devil.)

Since then I went back to microcenter and got a brand new replacement, I watched them bring it from the back so it's not a refurb unit. Upon bringing it home and installing drivers/chipsets the same exact frametime spikes happened once more. I really don't know what the problem is besides maybe two things, obvious one being AMD drivers (if anyone has a 6000 card please share your experience with it) Or maybe is my psu to blame? Maybe a low grade unit or failing? In all of my 17 years playing PC games this is the one problem I cannot solve lol, thank you for your time and if you need any more information please do let me know.