Question Frametime Spikes, Lag, Microfreeze

Feb 25, 2021
Hello im new here. I have a problem. I experience frametime Spikes in some oh my games like CSGO, ROCKET LEAGUE, LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and also in some single player games. These frametime Spikes lead to fps drop and micro freeze. It seems to me that these frametimes spikes always show up when something new happens in the game.
What I've already tried:
Reinstall gpu driver
Return gpu and CPU back to base clock
Update cpu Socket
Reinstall Windows
Install games on SSD
And some fixes what i found on net.

My specs :
Gtx 1660
Ryzen 3 3100
16GB 3000mhz ram
Windows on 120GB Sata SSD
Games on 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
550W PSU
Thx for every help :D
Shutdown, and disconnect the spinning drive, and retest the game(s) installed just on SSD....; this will at least rule out spinning storage playing havoc with a system, which can happen when a failing drive is periodically background indexed, etc...