Feb 9, 2011
hi, i have a 128gb crucial m4 as a boot drive and a seagate barracuda 7200 as storage. My original plan was to fraps with the barracuda since it doesn't have os on it. But my seagate cannot handle the fraps, it lags everytime fraps moves on to a second file. So my new thought is to fraps on the m4, but i know a lot of writes are not good for fraps. How bad is it, can anyone tell me? I average 200gb writes per week.
Fraps on an SSD is not a bad idea. Drive longevity is not that much of an issue with current generation SSDs.
You will upgrade to another SSD or your SSD will fail for other reasons long before you run out of Write cycles.

Fraps on a boot drive is more of a concern for you. Especially writing 200GB per week to a 128GB drive.

You will probably need to Log Off overnight 3-4 times a week to allow Garbage Collection to maintain drive performance.


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