Fraps with GTA IV only 30fps?


Nov 27, 2012
he guys, i just bought my first gaming pc and i installed gta iv and try'd to record some gameplay with fraps and i only get a pretty unstable 30 fps (maxed out) and without recording i play it about 55fps, i don't think this is normal because ive got an overclocked i7 3770k and msi twinfrozr gtx680 overclocked, 16gb ram and windows 8. please help me..
open fraps and go to the movies tab. in there you will see a couple of check boxes with fps limits yours is probably set to 30. either select the bottom most check box and put your required fps in there or select a higher setting. but be aware that selecting higher than 30 will often cause a performance hit if your using a single HDD.
to run the game and record the video.