Free software to make my computer run faster

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First a little background for you, then some questions for you.
Your internet speed can be influenced by many factors including (but not limited to) ISP hardware/connection, cable quality, modem age and firmware updates, operating system and browser type, malware, etc...
Now for the questions;
What computer model are you using (if built what specs)?
What operating system and version are you using?
What browser are you using?
Are you on dial-up, cable, DSL, tethering or... and who is your internet through?
Have you tried Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?
Sorry for the million questions, just trying to clarify.

Make sure you do not have too many programs being loaded to memory during startup. Look into your startup folder and disable (not delete) the programs that you are not going to work on after startup.

Next, if this is a purchased brand like Dell, HP. etc. the computer manufacturers have a tendency to install a lot of their unnecessary programs. Download and install "Decrapifier" and disable the programs that you don't need.

Depending on the age of the computer (1 year or older) you may need to defragment the hard disk.

Run an anti-virus scan

Run an anti-spyware scan (Spybot Search & Destroy)

After doing all of the above, install additional RAM if necessary.

There is no software to make computers run faster. Plenty of scams.


What OS are you using. I suspect windows but the first thing to do is disk defrag and disk cleanup. Run cleanup first. I have done it on a computer and i got 20 gigs of space back. 99% of the programs out there are a scam. Use a spare usb and put ready boost on it. This will help. Internet can be slowed down by 1. What browser. Lots of people argue about this but most agree that internet explorer is the best. I like chrome as all other browsers lag a lot on my pc. 2. Add-ons. These are things like toolbars and such. Delete as many as possible. and finally 3. YOUR ISP. either your internet provider sucks or you have dial-up/ a small mbps plan. tey to go for at least 15 mbps upload 5 mbps download. That is a standard for decent web browsing.


Aug 28, 2013
On Windows the installation and use will have a lot of junk files, including temporary files (such as: *. Tmp, *. _mp) Log files (*. Log), temporary help files (*. Gid), the disk check file (*. chk), the temporary backup files (eg: *. old, *. bak) and other temporary files. Especially if the time is not clear IE's temporary folder "Temporary Internet Files", which will occupy the cache file sometimes hundreds MB of disk space. The LJ files not only waste valuable disk space, serious cases will make the system run slow as a snail. I am sure you certainly can not stand it! Therefore, the system should be cleaned blockage LJ document and maintain the system of the "slim" build, easy to smooth the Internet! Friends Come on, now let us work together to quickly remove system junk it! ! Here are the steps very simple to step!

In the lower left corner of the computer screen click "Start → Programs → Accessories → Notepad", copy the following text into it, click "save as", the path select "Desktop" Save as type to "All Files", the file name is "clear system LJ.bat ", is complete. Remember that must be a suffix. Bat, ok! Your garbage cleaner production so successful!
Double-click it to quickly clean up junk files, about less than a minute.
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