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Dec 20, 2011
Good Morning,
Currently, I have a computer where my boot is on my SSD (C:) and all my installed programs are on a separate hard drive (D:). Unfortunately, the space on my SSD is getting smaller and I was wondering how I might be able to free up that space and if any of the programs I install to my hard drive (D:) is taking up space on my SSD (C:)?


Sep 24, 2007
There is guide out there that covers how to keep SSD clean with step by step, (sadly can't locate it at moment)
But its possible to keep windows to minimum with few tweaks


Tips to combat low storage space:

1. If you have enought RAM, lower the amount of pagefile.

2. If you do not use hibernation, disable it.

3. Delete files and do disk clean up.

4. Use CCleaner

5. Lower the allocation of the recycle bin

6. Disable system restore point and use schaduled system image backup. If you want system restore point to work, then just delete restore point witout turning it off. Just remember to delet retore point once in a while to avoid build up.

7. Use WinDirStat to check what is taking up your space. Particularly look for log files that can grow bigger over time. Try to delete them.

8. Uninstall unused program and window component.

9. Move user files (music, photo, documents, etc) to external storage.


Pyree is right on the money.
Only thing to add would be to move your temp directories (internet files, downloads, etc) to the HDD.

If you have a z68 mobo then you may be better off using the SSD Caching feature to speed things up rather than a dedicated system drive. Windows alone will take ~20GB. Disabling hibernation and the page file will relieve a lot of that though as each are equal to the amount of Ram you have. do not disable the page file if you have 4GB or less of system memory as you may need it, but you could limit it to 1-2GB if you have 4GB of Ram. 8GB or more it should be safe to disable it entirely unless you do crazy production work.
^5 +1 what Pyree said

I just want to clarify one point about sytem restore and backup. If you have a hard drive disk, then you can change the Microsoft Windows setting so that backups are saved to the hard disk drive. I have mine set to do an automatic backup every Sunday morning and store it on my hard disk drive. It does it in the background while I am busy doing other stuff. No muss! No fuss! No bother! :)

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