FreeCom instead of MS-DOS?


Mar 11, 2006
I was finally able to get my old hp 8180 P1 into a dos prompt and format the drive. But when I tried to install a few linux os's it said I didn't have a valid Linux or MS-Dos partition. When I check the "ver" under the dos prompt it says I'm using FreeCom, not MS-Dos. I don't have a floppy drive on my normal computer. How can I install MS-Dos 6.22 on my 8180 and get rid of FreeCom? I tried downloading MS-Dos from microsoft and burning the files to a cd. but when I'm in dos I can't get it to read from the D drive, it says its invalid. So I booted up with a bootable CD then swapped it out for the MS-Dos cd but it still couldn't read the disk. Any ideas?
Version of DOS doesn't matter, what does matter is the file system.

You should be able to grab a 95,98 or ME boot floppy and run f-disk to check the partitions on the hard drive. If they are not FAT or FAT32, delete them and re-create them. Then, format the drive with any version of DOS or Linux.