FreeNAS trouble with firewall?


Apr 29, 2011
I have a unique setup from what I have read for the FreeNAS server that I have recently completed. This is because I am still at home with the parents for the next 6 months until I get married. The parents have thus far refused to spend any money to upgrade the terrible internet service or old wireless router they have in the house. When I say slow I mean a hair more than 500kbps down and a bit less than 500k up.

So I came up with a solution that wouldn't depend entirely on the crappy wireless router. I have setup ICS (internet connection sharing) on my main desktop (which connects wirelessly to the router). I have sent the ICS into a switch and from there into my FreeNAS box. So from my desktop to the switch and anything connected via ethernet cable to that gets Gbit speeds.

This solution has worked extremely well, the NAS transfer speeds are not hindered by the router and I have off-loaded all of my movies, music and large documents to the NAS. I can access them at anytime from my desktop and also access them from my laptop when it is plugged into the switch. I also know that ICS is setup correctly because when I plug my laptop into the switch and disable the wireless connection I can still access the internet.

So my question is, for those who have been so kind to read all of this, why can I not access or see the FreeNAS server from anywhere else in the house? It does not show up on my parents desktop (wired to the wireless router) or my mother's laptop or my laptop when they are connected wirelessly to the network.

My best guess is that my desktop firewall may be blocking the incoming connections to the FreeNAS Server but I have not had any success trying to open up ports or find out how to determine if this is actually the case.

I am really looking for any and all leads to follow and I will thank anyone right now who has read thus far and is willing to help.