Question FreeSync optimal settings guide?


Jul 26, 2007
I can't find a good guide on how to get the best out of my FreeSync monitor and card.

I have FreeSync enabled in both my monitor's OSD and the Adrenaline software, but I am still getting occasional screen tearing, and in researching it I am getting a lot of conflicting recommendations all over the internet. For reference my monitor has a FreeSync range of 45hz-75hz, so I will refence those numbers, but ideally I think a guide that works for any range would be helpful to a lot of people.
  1. Is there still an advantage of trying to get above 75 FPS (I am assuming there might be different answers depending on if you're playing competitive multiplayer games vs something single player like Fallen Order)?
  2. Do I still turn on V-Sync? Some posts I've read say yes for when you're above your monitor's top range, but other posts say no.
  3. Where does Enhanced Sync fit into that?
  4. What's the difference between 'On' and 'AMD Optimized' for FreeSync in Adrenaline?
  5. Should I enable Anti-Lag (the tooltip for it implies that it's also involved in manipulating frame rates)?
  6. Should I limit the max FPS to 75, either in the game's setting or using Chill? What's the advantage of doing so?
  7. Is there anything that can be done for if/when my FPS drops 45, short of just turning down the graphic settings so that doesn't happen?
  8. Does getting into higher monitor refresh rates/FreeSync ranges change any of these recommendations, and if so, why?
  9. Anything else I am missing?
Thanks all!