Question Freesync/VRR Flickering

My Pet Russian

Jan 7, 2015
I've just bought a G27QC monitor and when I play lower refresh rate games such as Old School Runescape and some loading screens I get horrible brightness flickering. It doesn't happen when playing anything within the VRR range but having to deactivate VRR each time I want to play certain older games is a bit of a hassle.

However, I used a XV272U a while back (bought it then sent it back as I realised the GPU I had wasn't good enough for the display) and playing the same games I don't remember any display flickering at all. The only big difference I can find between the monitors is that the one I have currently is a VA panel, where as the old one is IPS which this article backs up brightness flickering is most,might get unbearable brightness flickering.

Is this a common issue with VA panels and would I be better trading in for an IPS? Also, alternatively should I spend the extra to get a proper "G-Sync Compatible" monitor or would that not solve my issue?

Thanks for any help.
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