Question Freeze after vacuuming the computer and replacing the paste

Sep 3, 2021
I was vacuuming the computer with a vacuum cleaner for the first time since new (6 years) and a problem appeared. The computer began to cut, stuttering slightly, lost its fluidity. I have already done almost everything I could: I changed the paste on the processor and graphics card, I performed various types of tests, from scanning to Prime95 (24h). The only thing that one of the tests detected was in HDTune for the SSD drive I got the error: "there were communication errors. this may be caused by a damaged cable. ”. I connected a different SATA cable and a different power supply cable, changed the port for the cable on the motherboard, but the error consistently pops up. I have an integrated graphics card, so I checked if the clippings also appear on it - unfortunately it does. I checked slots and RAM memory creating each combination and filling them separately - the error still occurs. I have an SSD and HDD, I formatted the SSD and put Windows 10 from scratch, I also put Windows 10 on the HDD - the effect continues. I checked the voltages on the power supply - all correct. When applying the paste, I could get caught on the capacitors - I measured the voltage on 3 suspicious capacitors - the voltages are correct. By switching the power options to high performance in the system, the computer runs faster, but not smoother - I have the impression that the processor sped up, and there is some damage on the motherboard that causes scraps.
Maybe someone has an idea how I can still check, for example, the Northbridge on the motherboard, because I have no idea or maybe someone noticed something that I cannot see. I will be grateful for all the answers.